All pre-mixed henna products (paste or liquid) contain chemicals and preservatives. Henna, once in liquid or mixed with liquids, reacts, releases its pigment and can quickly lose color potency. This can be counteracted by adding retarding chemicals and artificial dyes (essentially making it an industry standard, chemical-based hair dyeing product). Fresh henna/henna-herbal powders are the purest, most effective way to naturally dye your hair. They allow great shipping and storing flexibility—without compromising our (or Your) purity standards. After being seasonally grown and harvested, they are ground and immediately placed into an air-tight bag. Then foil packed to keep it from UV light & moisture. Every harvest date and sourced region is labeled, marked, and tracked. Beware of all “pre-mixed” henna coloring products. If they’re “pre-mixed”, then they will, they must, contain potentially harmful chemicals.

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