Tip #1: Avoid Too Much Direct Sunlight.

The sun’s UV rays can really yank the color out of your hair.
Consider covering your hair if you know that you’ll be in the sun for prolonged periods.
*especially the first few days after coloring

Tip #2: Easy on the Heat.

Hair dryers can pull moisture out of the hair and leave the strands a bit drained.
The natural oils and moisture protect colors and decrease fading.
Air dry your hair when possible to increase color life.

Tip #3: Avoid Chemical Shampoos.

You made it this far going natural…so don’t take a chemical bath with traditional shampoos!
They strip hair of color and can be damaging to the scalp.
Get a sulfate-free, all natural, organic shampoo.
One with plant-based surfactants derived from coconut or olive oil and all natural essential oil fragrances, not poison perfumes.
*we sell a great shampoo designed exclusively for our coloring products

Tip #4: Rinse Off Pollutants.

If you’ve been swimming (chlorine or salt) or have been in heavy pollution,
it’s a great idea to simply rinse off your hair when you get home.
A fresh water rinse will get the color-stripping toxins out.
BEARDS: Always rinse off beard with mild soap after eating a messy meal.
Keep greasy food off freshly colored whiskers.

Tip #5: Reapply on a Schedule.

Hair or Beard:
If you keep on schedule with your color applications (3-4 weeks hair/1-2 weeks beard) the results will really improve.
Henna-based colors improve in color & treatment quality with each additional application.
Find your perfect schedule:
For Example…
HAIR: Every fourth Sunday.
BEARD: Every second Saturday Evening before bed.
REMEMBER: Henna Color Lab® Hair Dyes are 100% Safe & Natural.
Color as often as you like (even back-to-back—Zero side effects).