Body Art Quality Henna(BAQ) simply refers to the grade/quality and the processing procedure of the henna crop. Like produce (fruit & vegetables) or coffee beans, henna has a selection tier. And BAQ Henna is the first-chosen crop, selected for its hearty growth characteristics: deep red stems and crimson leaf-vein network—both ensure rich lawsone(henna pigment) content.

Fine Powder & Triple-Sifted: Additionally, these crops are milled to a super-fine powder and triple-sifted for best body art tattoo application; the fine powder enables easy passage through tattoo applicator and abundant surface area expresses max lawsone(pigment) release. These two benefits also carry over to Hair Dyeing in similar ways: 1) Finely milled powder increases surface area of pigment and enables max henna hair color release & herbal fusion. 2) Triple-sifted powder ensures clean, uniform, predictable application for pigments & treatment benefits. Our products exclusively use BAQ Henna; it’s the hearty base for all our colors.

Note: Body Art Quality Henna is a trade term that is abused often; there’s no such thing as “Better than BAQ Henna” or similar. These are simply misguided advertising statements that have zero value.

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