Pure Henna Hair Dye Application

♥ IMPORTANT: 1) If you’ve recently used chemical dye on your hair, wait one month to use this product. 2) Avoid contact with areas around the eyes and mouth. 3) If dye gets into eye, flush with cool water and contact your physician if irritation continues. 4) Do not apply the dyes over broken skin or open wounds on the scalp. 5) For external use only—do not use for body art tattoos.

henna hair dye applicationAPPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS (PURE HENNA):

This is a safe and simple process. Before application: Shampoo hair to remove all excess dirt and oil—no conditioner. Towel dry hair. Put on a smock or place a towel over shoulders.
*Recommended to strand test a section of hair before full application. (See below for details.)
*And spot test the skin to ensure no allergic response. (See below for details.)
1 pack colors/treats shoulder-length hair. 2 packs for hair to mid-back. 3+ packs for hair to waist. →

henna hair dye application

  • Use quart size mixing bowl per full packet (3.5 oz/100 g) and a spoon to mix.
  • Cover any surfaces that may stain: untreated wood, carpet, fabric, etc.
  • Pour powder into bowl. One packet colors/treats straight, shoulder length hair.
  • Add hot tap water (approx 120º F) gradually to the powder.
  • Add little water at a time to get an applicable paste consistency.
    (thick pudding or cake batter).
  • Prepare hair for color. Divide hair into four sections:
    front, left, right, back.


  • Apply directly to towel-dried hair using gloved hand or hair dye brush.
  • Using gloved hand, scoop and apply the paste on back section (if crumbly, add water).
  • From scalp and root of hair, work evenly to top of hair. Try for complete, even coverage.
  • Methodically apply from back to front section. Take your time. Massage well into hair.
  • Work all hennaed hair into a mound on top of head. Touch-up along all hair lines.
  • When done, cover head with included plastic cap. Leave on for one to two hours.
  • Note: Pure Henna will set at two hours, but can color deeper up to five hours


  • Rinse out thoroughly (no shampoo) until all product removed. Then use conditioner.
  • Note: Paste rinse-out may take a little time. Conditioner will help removal of dried paste.
  • Blow dry hair for 10-15 minutes to accelerate natural color-changing process.
  • Remember: It’s 100% natural. No added perfumes. Earthy scent will fade after rinsing.

Avoid shampooing for 24 hours. Avoid leave-in oil-based conditioners for first week. Henna-based dyes will take up to 48 hours to express true colors and undertones. Undertones can range from light red to green to blue before fully maturing—very normal (most blend within hours). You can reapply as often as you like. It’s all natural, safe, and gentle to hair, scalp, and skin.

STRAND TEST: Mix a small amount of the product and color an inconspicuous strand of hair or some harvested hair from your comb or brush. Remember, make the sample the consistency of pudding and wait the appropriate transition period to see best results (48 hours).
SPOT TEST: Locate a safe place on your skin (behind ear, forearm) to spot test for allergies. Apply mixed paste to skin, wait ten minutes, observe. If any skin irritations occur, do not continue with the hair/beard dye application.


If you currently have Gray Roots, and want to apply a Full Hair application, then we recommend the following…

  1. Mix enough product (powder and water) to cover your gray roots only. Typically quarter packet: two tbsp.
  2. Apply directly to gray area only. From root of gray hair, work evenly to end of gray hair growth. Wait one hour.
  3. Rinse out completely with water only. do not use shampoo or conditioner at this stage.
  4. Then freshly mix* and apply the remaining product on entire head—including roots again.
  • Remember: 1 pack colors shoulder-length hair. 2 packs for hair to mid-back. 3+ packs for hair to waist.
  • Follow regular application directions from this point. See “application instructions” above.
  • Gray hair may take multiple applications for truest color. Best results after three treatments.
    *Freshly mixed henna is always preferred; however, excess Pure Henna can be stored in the freezer. Thaw on counter (never heat).
    IMPORTANT: Our Henna Color Blends & Treatments Cannot Be Stored After Mixing.
    The Ayurvedic Herbs expire within sixty minutes and lose potency.

For all new growth between full treatments: gray or non-gray hair.
Simply mix and apply two to four tbsp† of Pure Henna.
Follow above “existing gray root full application process.”
Stop after step number 3.
Rinse-out with conditioner—no shampoo.
Blow dry (accelerates color change/oxidation) and you’re done.
†Mix and use enough product to cover your roots only.
Excess mixed product (paste) will expire rapidly and must be discarded.

Do I need to add a citric agent like lemon or acidic agent like vinegar?
No. A citric or acidic agent is not required with our Pure Henna. Warm/hot water is adequate to release the natural pigments.
However, if you would like a deeper stain, or have stubborn hair, or have very damaged hair, then you can try the following to increase pigment uptake of *Pure Henna:

  • Add 2 oz. of fresh lemon juice† (per packet) to your Pure Henna.
  • Mix the powder, water, and lemon juice together very well. Cake batter/Pudding consistency.
    Note: Add water gradually. Keep paste thick.
  • Cover the bowl and allow to stand room-temp for six to twelve hours.
  • After set stand time, stir well and apply using above detailed instructions.

* (Pure Henna Only) Do Not use citric OR acidic agents OR stand-time (longer than 10 minutes) with our other Henna Color Blends .
It will destroy the more gentle Ayurvedic herbs/colorants and make the pigments/treatments weaker or unpredictable.
They’re more sensitive to water and air oxidation vs. Pure Henna.

† 2 oz. of Apple cider vinegar may be substituted for lemon juice; 2 tbsp of Amla will also deepen the stain release (simply add to the henna powder with the water: with or without the lemon/vinegar). Both can be added (Acid & Amla) to make a Deep Coloring Henna Treatment.

You can do it lover!