• We’ll exchange any unopened* HCL product for up to 30 Days from date ordered. *this includes the outer packaging on henna products (maintains U.V. protection).
  • We cannot accept exchanges for orders beyond 30 days. Please Note: Shipments submitted after 30 days of ordering will not be accepted and discarded with no refund to customer.
  • A flat rate shipping amount will be added to the exchanged order: ($2.99-$4.99 depending on items).
  • HCL™ Return Form MUST BE COMPLETED & INCLUDED for proper processing of freight.
  • Exchanges received without proper billing details (see HCL Return Form) will be refunded (not exchanged) less 10% Restocking/Processing Fee.

How to submit an exchange:

  1. Repackage all goods into appropriate mailing container (box/package).
  2. Complete & Include the return form: download here → HCL RETURN FORM
  3. MAIL TO:
    715 NW HOYT ST  #4126
    PORTLAND, OR 97208
  4. Allow 10-14 business days to receive, inspect, and exchange/ship out your new order.

*Please Note: Exchanges will have a small shipping fee required. Incomplete HCL Return Forms (missing/incorrect credit card details) will result in the goods being credited back (less any fees/charges). No exceptions.

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