How do I store my left over henna powder?

Airtight, Dry, & Cool: The best way to store any remaining powder is to place all in an airtight baggie (Ziplock® or similar). Remove any remaining air and then keep from light. Store in a cool dry place. Don’t store in bathroom—may get too humid and warm. Note: if already mixed with water, then it […]

How do I mix henna and henna-herbal hair dyes?

Use quart size mixing bowl per 3.5oz packet(100g) and a spoon to mix. Cover any surfaces that may stain: untreated wood, carpet, fabric, etc. One packet colors straight, shoulder length hair (approximate). Thick and curly hair can require 25-50% more. Pour henna powder into bowl. Add hot, not boiling, water (approx 122º F) gradually to […]