This is very normal immediately after the coloring process.
The pigments are awaiting entry into the hair protein & to oxidize—performs both at varying rates.

NOTE: Your base color will setup immediately & be lovely. Undertones/highlights will transition longer.

CONSIDER: Henna and Henna-Herbals need(s) time to oxidize and settle into the hair shaft. This absorption process can take 12-24 hours and peaks at 48 hours (that’s why NO shampoo after coloring). During this transition period, the pigments oxidize with the air and hair elements to express your deepest unique color. Everybody will express their own henna color (slight, but unique variations). Many factors dictate: (1)Current hair-shaft health, (2)Quality of application, (3)Time left on hair, (4)Minerals in water & hair, (5)Temperature. After it completes the 48 hour transition, you’ll be super pleased (and amazed) by these natural, hard working pigments. And remember, color and hair health only improve with each additional application.

Please Note: Your hair will be ready to hit the town immediately after your application. The base color will be applied and gorgeous. You may simply have slight transitioning undertones or highlights. Most highlights & undertones transition and blend within hours on healthy hair. Simply allow 48 hours for best color maturity.

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