Shampoo Bar Bundle

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• 5 Shampoo Bars (your choice)
• 2 Raw Cedar Soap Dishes.
SEVEN Great Products. One Low Price.

Great for travel (Airport/TSA size compliant)—take ’em on the road.
HEY! The shampoos double as phenomenal body wash too.
Excellent on all skin types.

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Raw Cedar Soap Dish? The raw Spanish Cedar† naturally fights mold and mildew. And being raw, you don’t have to worry about plastics or resins making contact with your organic soap. Its super absorbent grain pulls excess water from bars (plus the vented dish design provides airflow)—both allow proper drying…dry bars last much longer.

†This wood is often used in premium cigar boxes due to the stellar humidity absorption, strong mold resistance, and pleasing natural scent.

We tossed in two dishes. Swap them out every two weeks—allows the wood to dry completely before next use and tightens the pores to draw more water. Yay!

♥ Handmade with much love in Portland, Oregon 🇺🇸