Henna Hair Dye Starter Bundle

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This bundle provides you with the best products to control the complete experience. Get the Safe, Organic, All Natural, Expected Results—that you want.

How To Use This Bundle:

Step 1) Hair Treatment: Deep-Clean, Detox, Nourish, & Prepare.

  • Deep-cleans & detoxes the hair & scalp. Removes old residue & chemicals.
  • Botanical nutrients smooth out hair cuticles to allow max henna absorption.
  • No pigment, yet applies just like henna—consider it practice before you color.
  • Stays active for days after rinsing. Wait one week* before applying color.

Step 2) Organic Clarifying Shampoo: Lather Up & Wash Well.

  • Wash hair twice with our organic, deep-cleaning, sudsy shampoo before coloring.
  • Flash-lathers and gets down to the scalp. Lifts away all unwanted dirt & oil.
  • Minty essential oils chill, clean, and flex the follicles—your hair is ready for color.

Step 3) Henna Hair Dye: It’s Color Time. Get Down To Business.

  • Apply your favorite color. Wait set time. Rinse.
  • Hey! Two packs included. Save for next application, or use for root touch-ups.

*Why a week? Hard-working botanicals will remain on your hair for a few days.
Coloring too soon may impede best color absorption. Best to wait one week.


Please select your color options below. The Treatment & Shampoo will ship with the bundle.

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