2 STEP Super-Rich Black Hair Bundle

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This bundle provides you with the best products to control the complete experience. Get the Safe, Organic, All Natural, Expected Results—that you want.

How To Use This Bundle

Step 1) Organic Clarifying Shampoo: Lather Up & Wash Well.

  • Wash hair twice with our organic, deep-cleaning, sudsy shampoo before coloring.
  • Flash-lathers and gets down to the scalp. Lifts away all unwanted dirt & oil.
  • Minty essential oils chill, clean, and flex the follicles—your hair is ready for color.

Step 2) Apply Pure Henna: Set the Base & Prepare the Canvas.

  • Apply the Pure Henna to your squeaky clean hair. Wait set time. Rinse.
  • Sets the warm-colored base and begins entry into the hair protein.
  • Henna primes the hair and allows Indigo to bind richer, deeper, & darker to hair.

Step 3) Apply Pure Indigo: Bring on the Dark Side.

  • Apply the Pure Indigo to your freshly Hennaed hair. Wait set time. Rinse.
  • Deep cool-hued blue pigments fuse with the warm henna base.
  • The result? Long-lasting super-rich jet black hair. Healthy. Radiant.

*see step-by-step application in “How to Apply” tab below

HEY!—We included enough for a couple applications (shoulder length hair).


  • Simple, methodical instructions.
  • ONE organic trial-size shampoo (Safe-Clean Minty Mix™).
  • TWO Pure Henna Hair Dyes.
  • TWO Pure Indigo Hair Dyes.

FIVE Awesome Products for ONE low price.
PLUS! FOUR Cap & Glove Sets—Everything Included.

A complete 100% Natural System that richly blackens any hair type or color.

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