Tea Tree Peppermint Conditioner


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Multipurpose Cleansing Conditioner: A balanced blend of organic aloe juice and castor oil moisturize the scalp and smooth the shafts of hair—resets the pH and preps hair for treatment. A tingly mix of organic tea tree and peppermint essential oils work from the scalp to the ends of hair; both open the pores, flex and tug the follicles, and add natural cleansing powers to leave the hair fresh without perfumes. Green tea and rooibos leaves yank out toxins and calm capillaries in the scalp. There’s even some organic sulfur(MSM) added to aid new keratin growth! Organic tung wood and rapeseed oil collapse the pores and seal the hair to lock in moisture and shine.

Charcoal Power: Last but not least, a hearty dose of activated charcoal plows through gobbling up excess oils, odors, and pollution to finish the detox.
*see notes & best usage in description below

There are NO!
• Parabens
• Sulfates
• Phthalates
• Synthetic Perfumes
• Or Synthetics of Any Kind