Extra Gentle Unscented Organic Face Bar


Organic & Cruelty-Free ingredients: This is an extra gentle unscented face bar—stellar for daily use. Awesome all over for sensitive skin. Four plant-based oils make a soft, light lather. Dirt, grime, and excess oils wash gently from the face and neck. Shea and cocoa butter nourish the skin and leave behind light moisture to repair the face from the daily elements.

Zero Perfumes. Zero Essential Oils. Completely Unscented & Extra Gentle: This bar is naked. Stripped to the basics and left super mild to delicately clean and nourish the skin of the face and neck. Plant-based cleansing and moisture agents only. Ideal for sensitive skin.

There are NO!
• Parabens
• Sulfates
• Phthalates
• Synthetic Perfumes
• Or Synthetics of Any Kind

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