Shikakai (Indian Fruit Soap)


Detox & Nourish Hair. Gentle Low-Lather Shampoo.

Shikakai is chock-full of natural detergents, botanical fruit acids, and nourishing agents. The natural foaming agents lather gently and cleanse mildly—prolonging life of henna pigments. The fruit acids safely detox the follicles and scalp; they reset normal hair pH and deter dandruff. High levels of glucose and vitamins nourish the scalp.

The low-lather environment maintains all essential hair and scalp oils—reduces the need for conditioners. The gentle nourishing environment prevents and heals scalp irritation and dandruff.

Our Ayurvedic Herbal Treatments Are Your Best Choice:  Award-winning herb harvests are freshly picked, milled, & sealed. Botanicals store extra rich for deep nourishment.

Always Cruelty-Free. Never Tested on Animals.


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